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What happened about the smashed champagne glass?

In Positano, you may recall that we accidently smashed one of the lovely crystal champagne glasses the nice old man lent to me after I told him we had got engaged.  I felt so bad about that accident that I was fretting and saying to Zorba, “let’s buy him a bottle of Verve to make up for it / where could we buy replacement champagne glasses in Positano?” etc.  Zorba told me to stop worrying about it that we’ll just talk to him and tell him what happened.

The next morning, I sheepishly checked out and Zorba did all the talking.  Marco Carlo, owner of the Maria Luisa Pensione, is the loveliest man – he said, “noooo, don’t worry, no problem, it’s ok…” In my best Italian I apologised profusely and he put a hand on my shoulder and said, “it’s ok, really,”.  Oh good!  Thanks!  Such a nice man.

We can highly recommend the Pensione Maria Luisa in Positano – it’s clean, cheap, good location, QUIET at night (hard to find in Positano), and had killer views of the sea and the town.  They have a website – google them!

We are now in Sicilia and look past to our time in Positano last week really fondly. That place is magical. You have to go. 


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