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We have moved!

Exciting news just in…This blog is moving! 

I have opened my wallet and purchased a domain name This blog will be continued and be hosted in it’s new home.  Don’t you just love the name?  An ode to my surname – just in case you missed that 😉


There’s no need to fret, all the posts you have enjoyed on this blog have been transferred to Travelletto.

If you have followed this blog or bookmarked it, please make changes to your settings so you don’t miss a thing!

Travelletto is really similar to what you have read here, with entertaining posts about travel adventures, travel tips, interesting observations, mixed with an emphasis of another great passion of mine, food.  You can expect stories as well as photos, since an enjoyable past time of mine is to drive people a bit bananas by taking too many photos.  Only the good ones will be published.

If you like travel and you like food (and wine), be sure to follow Travelletto.

Thanks readers for inspiring me to take my blogging to a new level.  To the Travelletto and beyoooonnnd! 

Baci! Ciao ciao!

Di x


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