Who we are – the family

This page will be dedicated to travels with the whole family – all eight of us. The family consists of:

  1. Mum = Gina Bortoletto 65 years young and a great cook and organiser
  2. Dad =  Walter Bortoletto 65 years old and a wine lover
  3. Me! = Dianne Bortoletto, 40, PR professional and married to Andrew Petrelis, no kids
  4. Zorba = Andrew Petrelis, 45, Water Corp IT Systems Administrator, married to me!
  5. Snotta = Susie King, 37 (38 during the trip) my sister, married to Ben, mum to Indianna and Sam
  6. Benno = Ben King, 34, Event and Marketing Director, married to Susie and dad to Indianna and Sam
  7. Indi = Indianna King, 5, my gorgeous niece who knows her own mind
  8. Sam = Sam King, 3, my cheeky terror of a nephew

We have a big trip coming up in one month’s time where we are spending two weeks together in the Mother Country – Italia.


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